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What makes the Perfect Holiday for you?

Today, we decided we were going to achieve the impossible. We decided that with all the vast knowledge we have of creating fabulous holidays for thousands of people, all over the world, we should be able to boil down what makes the perfect holiday – into one word!

How hard can it be? After all, it is our business, and we’ve being doing it for many years. But the thing is, almost everyone has a different idea of what the perfect holiday actually looks like. So where to begin?

Well for a start, there’s our service. Sure you can book a whole holiday online in about 5 minutes, but it’s a one size fits all service which doesn’t actually fit all! There’s no discussion about individual requirements. There’s no time taken to discover that little-known boutique hotel, or how the transfers work, or which exit to take at the airport, or if food is still available should you arrive late. These things really matter.

But even though they matter, the service still doesn’t quite make a whole holiday. You feel excited and confident, and that gets you off to a great start. So what else could that one little word be?

How about our personal recommendations? You’re walking down a lovely cobbled street in the sunshine, deciding where to go for lunch. But which to choose? You really fancy a lovely seafood lunch, and then you remember your list of recommendations! This one for great steaks, that one for the local cuisine. And just on the corner, fresh local seafood, landed this morning. Right where we said it would be!

We’re still not there, are we? Recommendations add so much to the pleasure of the experience, but do they sum up the specialness of the whole holiday? Let’s try one more.

Could it be the excursions? A spin around the bay on a jet ski, a fabulous water park for the kids, or a long-forgotten ruin in the country? Local knowledge is priceless for creating great outings, and we have in-depth knowledge of thousands of locations. These unforgettable experiences really do make a holiday what it should be.

Now there’s a clue to the one single word we’re after. It’s the unforgettable experiences that fill us full of joy at the thought of all we did on holiday. The wonderful service, the gorgeous hotel, the recommendations, the outings, the food, the lot! Whether it’s a weekend in London or an exclusive retreat on a tropical island, the elements are all the same. It was planned with care by people who really understand that all the little details add up to something which lives with us long after the holiday.

You’ve guessed it, haven’t you? The perfect holiday becomes a wonderful memory. And wonderful memories live with us for the rest of our lives. That’s what our customers entrust us with, and we’re thrilled to create more and more wonderful memories, each time they return to book with us.

What memories will you be treasuring from your next holiday?

Contact or visit us today and start creating something you’ll never forget.