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The United Arab Emirates include some magnificent cities that offer unparalleled beauty and industrialisation. At the same time, these advanced cities also boast rich and colourful cultures that set them apart from other modern cities of the world. One of the best, most beautiful waterside destinations, which is also the capital of the UAE, is Abu Dhabi. With a population of approximately 1.4M people, it is the second-most populous city after Dubai that offers plenty of unique opportunities and attractions to explore, to visitors and residents alike. Although it started as a small fishing village in the late 1700s, today, Abu Dhabi is one of the biggest, most powerful commercial and industrial centres in the Middle East.

While Dubai remains the most popular city in UAE among tourists, Abu Dhabi is slowly gaining a reputation of being an equally suitable holiday destination thanks to its marvellous location, wonderful attractions, and warm weather. It also makes for an amazing stopover destination while travelling further East. If you have never been to Abu Dhabi, here are some of its best features that will compel you to book your next holiday to this Arabian gem.

Golden Shores

Abu Dhabi is home to some magnificent, unspoilt beaches that are defined by golden sands and crystal blue waters. Some of the best beaches include the Saadiyat beach, Yas beach, Al Bateen Beach, Abu Dhabi beach and the private Zaya Nurai Island. If you do not wish to go far, you can have a relaxing time at the fabulous Corniche beach which is located right in the centre of the city.

Magnificent Desert

You can’t go to the heart of Arabia and not visit its magnificent desert. Abu Dhabi offers amazing, authentic desert experiences that will remain etched in your memories forever. The Rub al Khali or the Empty Quarter Desert is the largest sand desert in the world. You can enjoy a range of sports and activities there such as camel riding, evening desert safari, sand-boarding, and dune riding, among others. If adventure sports are not for you, you can simply lie on the smooth, cool sand and gaze at the stars during a surreal desert camping experience.

Sensational Attractions

Abu Dhabi has enough attractions to make every day of your holiday count. Rapid modernisation and resulting investment have led to the development of several magnificent structures and points of interests that can make your holiday exciting. From fabulous museums, spectacular theme parks and beautiful historic buildings, to world-class hotels, shopping malls, stadiums and racing circuits, Abu Dhabi has something for everyone to enjoy. Here are some of the must-visit attractions that should be part of your itinerary:

  • The Louvre Abu Dhabi
  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
  • Qasr Al Hosn (Old Fort)
  • Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
  • Yas Waterworld
  • Warner Bros World
  • Jumeirah at Etihad Towers
  • Emirates Park Zoo
  • Sir Bani Yas Island Wildlife Reserve
  • Heritage Village
  • World Trade Center Souq

Vibrant Culture & Food

Two of Abu Dhabi’s most unique features are its culture and cuisine. The warm Arabian hospitality is defined by the ancient tradition of making all travellers feel at home. Everything from local crafts and coffee to Arabic artistry reflects the creativity and ingenuity of the local people. Abu Dhabi also offers food lovers a chance to treat their taste buds with exquisite Emirati dishes like Al Harees, Al Majboos, Al Madrooba and Luqaimat to name a few.

Although it is regarded as a year-round destination, visiting Abu Dhabi during the summer months is not advisable if you wish to explore the outdoors. The best time to visit is the months between November and May when the temperatures are most pleasant. If this capital of UAE is on your bucket list of destinations to visit in 2021, ETW Travel can help you plan the perfect holiday to Abu Dhabi. We understand that each customer is different and has varied holiday requirements. This is why our experienced travel consultants can help plan a tailor-made holiday to Abu Dhabi that meets all your needs! Contact us to learn more.