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History, Culture, Food & Colours Galore…

The Far East is a region of abundant natural beauty. But there is so much more to it than that. It includes sights and experiences that can awaken all your senses and leave you wanting for more. From lip-smacking food and vibrant cultures and traditions to breathtaking landscapes, rich history and architecture, there is something for all holidaymakers looking for unforgettable experiences. The region includes the beautiful countries of Japan, China, North and South Korea, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Malaysia. No matter which destination you choose, get ready to embark on your dream Far East holiday.

Magical Lands And Surreal Experiences

Witnessing the beauty of Mount Fuji in Japan, travelling back in time at Angkor Wat in Cambodia, or soaking up the sun at any of the gorgeous beaches in Thailand, are nothing short of magical. The Far East is home to some of the most mesmerising beaches, temples, volcanic landscapes, and tropical wild forests on Earth. Whether you tour multiple countries in one holiday or visit each country separately to properly experience their culture and beauty, a holiday to the Far East will leave you spellbound and make you go back for more.

Experience The Far East With ETW Travel

Planning a holiday in the Far East can be time-consuming and complicated. Hence, it is best to get help from someone who knows the region. ETW Travel experts have extensive experience planning holidays to the Far East and can help you plan a memorable holiday to any country in the region. We will also make sure you experience the best of every country, based on your likes and preferences. Want to holiday in an opulent beach resort in Thailand? We can take care of it! Prefer to explore the modern cities of Singapore and Kuala Lumpur? We’ve got you covered! Fascinated by Buddhist history and architecture? We’ll include the best temple tours that can transport you back in time and culture. Either way, we’ll make sure your Far East holiday is perfect and tailored to all your needs and preferences from start to finish!

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