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What Makes a Great Travel Agent

Good travel agents have an edge over almost every other seller of travel. When buying any service or product, customers like a trusted brand, but when purchasing travel arrangements, you need a trusted individual as well.

Many travel companies aspire or claim to be great but can need more customer expectations. Expertise, professionalism, and integrity should be the minimum qualities of any travel company, but a great travel agent knows what kind of customer you are. They put themselves in your shoes. They listen well and are inquisitive. For them, it is a personal success if they have helped you get the right holiday, and it’s the little things that make the difference.

Welcome to Experience The World Travel

Let’s be honest: no travel agent or tour operator can claim to have visited every worldwide destination and stayed in every hotel. However, in addition to their knowledge, the best agents have travelled extensively, encouraged feedback from previous customer’s holidays, and know where to source the additional information they need to provide the client with the most appropriate advice. Keeping up to date with the changing nature of travel regulations, entry requirements and so on is also part of the value-added elements a reliable travel agent can bring.

At Experience the World Travel, we have accumulated 110 years of travel experience, and customers keep returning to us repeatedly. Hence, we confidently provide everyone with the best advice and service.  

Internet v (Local) Travel Agent 

It doesn’t matter what product you purchase online nowadays. It can look like an easy option and sometimes seem a cheaper version, but as we all know, online after-sales service could be better. Travel bookings almost always require some form of interaction after booking, and in the last few years, a series of events have impacted the best-laid travel plans. Airline delays and cancellations, extreme weather patterns, strikes, and staff shortages have all highlighted the need for excellent after-sales support. Many travellers have had their arrangements disrupted through no fault of their own. Airlines, in particular, have not enjoyed good press when resolving problems. Therefore, having a great travel agent to turn to in times of stress or crisis has become invaluable, and it’s noticeable that many new customers are turning to trusted agents for their travel requirements. There is huge comfort in knowing that someone has knowledge of your travel itinerary and is available at the end of a phone or text message to offer advice and practical help when things don’t go entirely to plan.

At Experience The World Travel, we offer superb post-booking support, so we are always there for you.


Great travel agents are valued not just by their customers but also by suppliers such as tour operators, cruise lines, car rental companies and other providers. This enables both parties to work together for the benefit of the customer. Suppliers are happy because they know a top agent understands their product and will match the customer to the holiday and vice versa.

Experience The World Agent has many connections and excellent working relationships with hundreds of suppliers within the travel industry, so you know you will get the best deal possible.

New Destinations and Experiences

There are always new places to visit, and you may want a change of scenery or consider a different holiday experience. The best travel agents can offer a range of choices, and having built a relationship with you, they know your likes and dislikes and will want to ensure that each trip booked is memorable. They are excited to offer you a different experience simply because they are invested in you as a customer and share that desire for new horizons.

At Experience The World Travel, we love helping clients find new destinations and travel experiences; it’s what we do best.

Value for money

Everyone wants value for money. That means obtaining the maximum benefit with the resources available. Bargains can be had in the travel world but can be hard to find, especially in peak season. Many advertisements sometimes offer a partial picture of what the final price might be. It is a very competitive market, and an agent will make sure they are always providing the best option, but customers also need to think beyond just the booking. Great travel agents offer much more than just a reservation service; they go above and beyond, providing security, a wide breadth of knowledge and that all-important comfort factor while still creating a memorable trip.

At Experience The World Travel, because our clients return repeatedly, we know we provide excellent value for money.        


Travel arrangements are, by and large, well-protected these days. Still, the average value of holidays is rising because customers are seeking new and more adventurous experiences, so protecting customer’s money is important. Most good travel agents have appropriate licences to ensure your money is secure. However, a great agent will take time to explain what is and is not protected. They will also know destination entry requirements, policy changes and general travel trends.  

At Experience The World Travel, we not only sell holidays as an ABTA member, but we also have our own tour operator’s licence, where we can offer packaged elements with your booking protected through the CAA ATOL scheme.  

What it Takes 

Great travel agents are keepers. They want their customer for life. They build a relationship, get to know their client’s likes and dislikes, and want to ensure that each trip booked is memorable simply because they are invested in you as a customer. 

The more you use an agent, the better they will understand your travel style and how your needs evolve, and so the planning becomes easier. They know what you want, they speak your language, and most importantly, they’re there for you should you run into trouble.

Experience The World Travel is the great travel agent you are looking for!